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There are always things to learn from everyone around you, and not just people you’re sleeping with, that goes for everyone you ever meet.Believe it or not, one thing my girlfriend has taught me—among a long list of things—is how to be a better communicator, because while I pride myself in being a great listener, I have trouble expressing myself, and communication is key if you want your relationship to last.I invited him over for dinner a couple of nights ago and he declined.He declined because he's recently resumed playing an online RPG.I am starting to feel a little like his hobbies are more important.And I can't help wondering how much of a future we really have, when I think about the issues that we have.So if you say your " just over 40" you think of going out with girls 15-20 years younger than you.. My girlfriend thinks that -4/-5 is perfect (surprise, surprise). And many old men like yourselves are quite immature and cannot put up with the caliber of women your age.i have a mate of 43 and he is going out.going to marry a girl 20 years younger than him a similar position myself my new girlfriend is 19 years younger ...sometimes at the train station, when im with her i get strange stares ( but i guess that happens anyway in Switzerland)..she run off . Me, I just don't want to date anyone young enough to want more kids. So between the two, the bottom line is if you two get along, there really shouldn't be a problem with it.

This past Sunday he couldn't wait to get out of here, much earlier than usual.should i take this seriously .just enjoy the sex...? well yes ..she is nice looking and you think .the hell is she interested in me you cant be sure she just loves the sex ..the good time...)) .may even have an eye on your wallet... I know a guy in his mid 70s who's married a Brazilian mail-order bride in her early 30ies. We also agree that we’re not ready for children but we do want them, and we both support and encourage our career choices.As far as I know, there are three things I need to connect to someone I’m in a relationship with; understanding, comfort and laughter.

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