Funny quotes about friends dating your ex

Good friends help prop you up when you’re down, help you celebrate your successes, mourn your losses with you, cheer you on and – ideally – help you pick up the pieces when you’ve fucked up.

Toxic friends, on the other hand ruin your self-esteem and leave you feeling lower than a snake’s ass in a drainage ditch.

We don’t respond to peer pressure, we’re uninfluenced by marketing; we’re too smart and strong-willed for that.

Except as appealing as that idea is, it’s true when it comes to the people you surround yourself with.

But those toxic friends are destroying your self-esteem, ruining your happiness and in many cases In the US, we tend to suffer under the myth of the Intrepid Individual.

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After all, why would they want to give up on their favorite punching bag? Toxic friends are a lot like ticks; they get under your skin and inject us with their poison.That means you need to choose your social circle carefully, because letting toxic friends into your life can change your life for the worse.Your social circle, after all, is supposed to be a source of happiness, support andhealthy validation.In turn, he requests more parenting time and/or parental input. When mom sends her kids off to be with their dad, and this woman she doesn’t even know will have full access to them, she can feel like she’s being a bad parent.You’d think this would be a good thing, but this change in dynamic can be threatening and/or scary for mom. It’s easy for her to pinpoint presence as being responsible for this. She doesn’t automatically trust you just because dad does. She sees her ex-husband being a different man with you.

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