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It can't be easy for this faintly old-fashioned Northern bloke to find he is male totty.

Status based on good looks feels undeserved, and Armitage is big on needing to earn what you get.

So, Mr Love God, how would you describe your own romantic history? What, he asks me helplessly, is he supposed to do when a woman sends him a snap of herself in a bikini with a phone number?

After the final scene of Spooks is in the can, he's off to South Africa to film Strike Back, a six-part SAS drama for Sky, in which he will play a traumatised soldier returning from Iraq.

Pleeeaase.' 'You must be joking,' he says, that soothing baritone rising a few notes in protest.

The same man who was voted most desirable man in BBC drama is also the man who treated his online fans to a quotation from Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of the Christian Scientists. He promises me that, this time, he has a serious romantic interest in Spooks.He says he took the Tube to his first film premiere and was amazed to come round the corner in Leicester Square wearing his tux and discover that you were supposed to arrive by car. He gestures at the bustle of activity going on all around us.'I look at our crew and I sometimes envy all of them - I wish I was a focus puller or a lighting technician. I actually want to be the puppet master.' There isn't a whiff of showbusiness in his background - he comes from a long line of miners and mill-workers. 'My mum will not speak above a low whisper in public because she doesn't want to draw attention to herself,' he says.Although many of us found it hard to stomach his murder of poor Maid Marion when he played the sensually sadistic Sir Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood. Richard Armitage reminds you of those calm, classic leading men of the 1940s and 1950s - the men with the depths below the still waters.Speaking personally, it was a blow that Armitage's MI5 agent , Lucas North, went through an entire series of BBC1's Spooks without a single smouldering look, let alone a decent love interest. In truth, would this superb actor rather play Richard The Third at Stratford than have besotted women sending him chocolate underpants through the post? Lately, Richard has issued an apology to the Armitage Army for appearing to ridicule his more obsessive fans.

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