Updating the kitchen

When I built the house 9 years ago, I designed the space how I “thought” we would use it, but there were so many things I told myself I would go back and change if I could. Most of our family dinners are spent here with my littles at the “tall bar” and my olders at the “short bar”. He showed it to me when he was all finished to get my approval and it was the first time I could really envision us sitting around the space. That included tile, building shelves (plans coming soon! Here is what the new kitchen looks like now…I can’t even tall y’all how much making these changes has opened up my kitchen. Now let me show you how Ashley’s kitchen started and finished off! She also decided to level off her bar to open the space up.

I am a lover of form and function, and that was my goal in designing this new kitchen for my family. We have a good sized kitchen, but it felt really closed off. Don’t judge my drawers 😉Three days later they installed and I was in LOVE. This was her kitchen before…And here are the afters…

After we dug through the internet, found kitchen update success stories, talked to a few of the best real estate agents in the country, and interviewed a professional stager we found 8 kitchen update ideas that are low cost, do it yourself solutions that transform your kitchen and actually get you a return on your investment.

It’s amazing again how lightening up the countertops, taking things to one level and changing paint tones up a bit really makes the room feel so much larger and more open.

This has been such a great change for both our homes. Ash went with Urbane Bronze for her cabinet color and Pure White for the trim color, both from Sherwin-Williams.

My husband and I built our home almost 9 years ago, and lots has happened over the last 9 years, and my family was ready for a big change in our most used room. Those cabinets on each side of that mantle are a bit of a joke. My main goal in this space was opening it up and making it feel larger and brighter.

One of the things I have learned through this kitchen renovation, is that I much prefer designing a space that I have lived in. I knew the countertops would do that, but I also decided that I wanted to level everything out before getting them installed. We ripped out the old backsplash, and took some cabinets out to prep for the guys to come make their template. They made a “grid” pattern out of this white plastic material to mark off the new countertops. I went with Dorian Grey by Sherwin-Williams for the paint color on the cabinets and Pure White by Sherwin-Williams for the trim and wall.

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